About us

The NDRC promotes a community that values safety, education and recreation. Our gates are open to all disciplines and styles of horsemanship, and is accessible to members and others of all ages and abilities in the Nelson & District area. The Club provides a facility for programs, clinic, events and lessons in a supportive, positive atmosphere. The NDRC is a recreation facility; a place for enjoyment and fun, for those interested in equestrian sport as well as other approved activities

“A little bit of history…”

The NDRC has a history of fun and engagement – clinics, horse shows, roping, jumping, driving, gymkhanas, fun days, vaulting, therapeutic riding, parades, dances, potlucks, weddings, and fundraising for others in it’s community.
The Nelson Riding Club was formed in 1966. Meetings were held at the Civic Centre, and lessons & events at the old sawdust pile across from the city airport. The first horse show was held at the Civic Centre Grounds in 1966 in conjunction with the city’s Fall Fair. In 1974 the club relocated to Hall Siding, residing on privately owned property until it’s sale in 1979. In 1980 it was granted the use of Cominco land in Blewett. Renamed the Nelson & District Riding Club, the club received grants to help cover the costs of preparing the land, building barns, arenas, buildings etc. Over the next 2 years, members, families and friends worked hard, and held it’s grand opening at their 11th annual Horse Show at it’s current location in July of 1983.
Over time, the grounds had additions – the jump arena, concession and storage building, round pen, as well as improvements such as re-footing the arenas and covering the open stalls and bleachers. Most recently, the campsites were upgraded with water and power, and the front fencing redone. Our newest projects include a facelift to the front entrance as well as the development of an Event Centre, for equine activities as well as public events.
All that’s happened at the NDRC has been thanks to the greater community it serves. Grants have come from the Regional District, Columbia Basin Trust, Rotary, Eagles and Horse Council of BC. Local businesses have been very generous – Kalasnikoff, Nelson Farmer’s Supply, TK Big Adventures, Arcovio Electric to name a few. The expression ‘labour of love’ is exemplified here, with a long stream of volunteers who’ve put their heart & souls into the creation, maintenance, and always changing vision for it’s future.
We’re very thankful for the efforts of the past and present.

Founding Members

Pat Hickey
J. Laing
H. McKay
Bec McQuig
Andy Peloso
Ivy Peloso
Minert Pol
Suzanne Pol
Fern Porteus
Tom Swinden
Dick VanPatten

Honorary Members

Fred Gahimer
Pat Hickey
Susan Mucciarone
Betsy Nasmyth
Andy Peloso
Ivy Peloso
Morgan Gladdish

Long Standing Directors

Connie Marrello
Betsy Nasmyth
Tara Robertson