Do you have horses I can ride?

The Nelson and District Riding Club doesn’t actually keep horses at the grounds. The facility is typically used by folks in the community with horses, for events, camping, clinics, and horse shows.  There are online communities such as Kootenay Tack and Horses Facebook group, which folks can put out feelers as there are several coaches in the area who are wonderful and can get you riding horses.

Can I as an instructor use the NDRC for lessons with my students?

Yes! The NDRC charges $5.00 an hour for lessons with instructors/trainers who have an approved Grounds Use Application (GUA) on file. As a trainer you will submit an open GUA with a copy of your Insurance. Once approved, you and your students will need to have an active HCBC membership, and they can either be NDRC members or pay our drop in fee.

I would like to host a show or an event at the NDRC, what do I need to do?

Great! You will need to submit a Grounds Use Application (GUA) for approval along with a proof of insurance. If your event or show is a sanctioned HCBC event, the insurance should be part of that (reach out to HCBC for more information). If you are a clinician your regular insurance you use for hosting should suffice, otherwise, you will need liability insurance for your event which can be purchased through CAPRI (they offer one day event). Please check with your insurance provider.

You will need to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit within one month of approval. One month prior to the event you will receive a ‘Welcome Package’ with all the forms for the event, and contact information for during your event. The full amount will be due upon event completion along with your submission of the Event Completion form.

How do I pay the $10 non-member day use fee?

Easy! Drop it in the yellow drop box located at the end of the barns, or contact us for info on how to e-transfer.

Are there washroom facilities?

There are 2 outhouses located behind the main arena and 2 located behind the barns.  The NDRC is not equipped with flush toilets or showers

Why do I need HCBC to participate in equine activities?

The NDRC insurance policy requires that all participants in equestrian activities must have proof of HCBC or an equivalent 3rd party liability insurance.

If there is anything we missed here that you have any questions about please don’t hesitate to contact us!